At last!!!

Yes, at last... I finally found a group of volunteers to help set up the Spanish PostgreSQL group. There are 4 guys from Barcelona and one from Sevilla willing to group and settle this new national PUG. The Sevillan one bought the domain name, since seems bought by someone since 2005. He is currently installing a Drupal v.6.x with the famous . So his website will look like or, what is great :-)

One thing to say about the absence of Spanish PUG for so long years. Just because there are some really great websites in Spanish already... Yes, the Peruvian and the Chilean ones are great examples. I think those websites dragged many users from Spain.

It has both good and bad effects:

  • good, because the spanish users have access to community documents in their mother tongue since a long time ago. I think this had a great effect on the PG usage in Spain;
  • bad, because those same users never met, nor promoted or advocated PostgreSQL in their own country. AFAIK, PostgreSQL never had any booth in any of the FLOSS events in Spain.

This second item is what determined me, as a director of PostgreSQL Europe board, to encourage and help Spanish users to settle their national PUG. Since I understand, talk and read spanish very well, and since Im not that far from Spain, I hope to serve this new group (despite the community there is old, but transparent to the public), the best I can.

Vamos colegas!