To describe shortly what I do in worked hours, I wrote this little page:, since february 2004

I do maintain (or, it's the same) website. We are now like a small dozen of people working on it to keep it up-to-date.

PostgreSQLFr non-profit organization, since January 2005

We settled PostgreSQLFr non-profit organization. This organization goal is to make people aware of PostgreSQL in France. This means we do all we can to be present on any OSS meetings in France. We do collect some funds and make some goodies with it, pay some booth expenses and so on. You can be a member of us by subscribing.

Don't hesitate in donating too ;-)

You can meet all of us on, #postgresqlfr channel.

Dalibo, since July 2005

We started a company called Dalibo, which goal is to be the very best PostgreSQL company in France. We have now many customers from all around France, and we are proud of it.

One other goal is to take time to contribute to the PostgreSQL project in many ways, like every OSS company should do.

PostgreSQL Europe, since february 2008

I'm member of the PostgreSQL Europe Board . I'm the treasurer of this non-profit group, aimed at helping other EU countries to settle their own national PUG, or just organizing events like the pgDay. I work a lot with Magnus Hagander (president), Andreas Scherbaum (secretary) and Gabriele Bartolini (vice president).